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Our Mission & Vision

Where innovation is the key to success, where nature encounters imagination, where inspirations meets creation is where we are discovered. Overseas Curios Limited is an emerging pioneer in the field of Kenyan Handicrafts. The idea of the company is to flourish the Kenya convention across the world. Ever since our inception in 1993 we are striving rigorously to produce products of impeccable quality by adopting and adhering to the principal of consistency in the business protocol.

Founded with a deep sense of social responsibility and commitment, Overseas Curios Limited is dedicated to promoting the Kenyan artisans across the world. One big store is located in Mombasa city. This store carries an amazing variety and assortments of wood and soap stone handicrafts – from hand carved 7ft statues to tiny key chains. Items can be Traditional, Innovative or Novel. We have established a network of artisans and suppliers in all regions of Kenya, each with a specialty line utilizing materials in that area.

Each article you purchase tells an extraordinary story, is natural and authentic, even funky or lifelike where possible, nevertheless they are personally designed and crafted for you.

We all understand that behind the success and accomplishment of any business are the hands of two tools namely fortune and infrastructure. Infrastructure forms the nucleus of all organizations that renders support and assistance for the success of any organization.
Following are the tools that form our infrastructure:-
• The most skilled artisans and craftsman: - We owe major credit of our success to our skilled artisans and craftsman who work with full dedication and confidence to win applause of the people. We are proud of them since they are working with complete honesty and dedication.
• Technology:-We are a technology driven concern, which is constantly upgraded to stay in tune with changing trends and tastes.
• Packing Department: - Our packing department takes care of final checking and packing of products as per our customer needs.

Overseas Curios is all about that unique handmade feeling. Every piece is special and stands out from the crowd. We have our own designs and always try to work with natural materials with care to the environment. Quality and design alongside commercial viability are the key determinants of what we include in our collection. THAT’S WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT.

Overseas Curios ltd promises to provide you with genuine products, refined of nifty design and clever approach.
Remember your work of art comes from the Heart of Africa...


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